From our friends at SAMDB.


The Forum Goes Live


On Thursday night, 23 July, the Forum film community went live at Red Light Studios in Maitland with “The Changing Landscape”.
SAMDB had the privilege to attend this new film industry iniative.

The informative, thought provoking and heated discussions, were centered around exploring the changing landscape of film in South Africa and the potential to shift paradigms as filmmakers. The debate was also broadcast live on

The dynamic panel consisted of producer Zaheer Goodman Bhayat, Simon Hansen (Co-produced Alive in Joburg on which District 9 is based), Pam, CEO of Zoopy and director Hein de Vos. The evening was interactive, allowing the audience to discuss a variety of issues it faced. Catch selected video clips of “The Changing Landscape” on in the very near future.

Towards the end of the evening we sat riveted in our chairs for a screening of selected scenes from Hein De Vos’ Orgie. The subject matter is alive with drama, steamy scenes and brings home that actions have consequences. It is an Afrikaans film with English subtitles, allowing local Afrikaans talent to convey the film’s message from a place of truth. Keep a look out for “Orgie” and this up and coming director, Hein de Vos.
The Forum is based on the idea of gathering and sharing resources and ideas for the individual and the greater good of the South African film industry. “I guess it’s a bit like Ubuntu, and where does the idea of I-am-because-we-are play out more definitively than in the art of filmmaking?” (Louw Venter, Forum member)

We left feeling positive about the future of this ever growing industry and excited about the emerging talent and like minded individuals this country has to offer the future of film.

The next event will take place in late September, and The Forum would welcome your ideas and suggestions on what direction the next one should take. “The Forum is yours - please use it.” Comment on the site or email them at