Welcome to The Forum.

What is this? Well, in its simplest form the Forum is a blog for South African filmmakers, but in reality we’re about a lot more than just another on-line notice board. The Forum will become a much needed online meeting place for film people from across a host of disciplines within the business. Why? Because film is the epitome of collaborative art - no collaboration, no art - and that means no movies. Or at least, a frustrated movie industry and a huge pool of talent evaporating in a drought of practical knowhow.

The Forum is created and maintained by members of Red Light Studios www.redlightstudios.co.za and The Public Pool www.thepublicpool.com with the generous support of readwrite.co.za www.readwrite.co.za
The philosophy is fairly straight forward: If you want an answer, then ask someone who knows - and share it. That is exactly what we’ll be doing - asking a lot of questions to the most qualified people we can find. Of course that includes you, either way. The more input we get from readers the more we all stand to gain. So ask your question or simply express an insight, we’ll post it in our FAQ section where you’ll be able to follow the responses and interact with other users. Hopefully you’ll find what you need.

The Forum is yours. Use it, enjoy it and let’s start making some great movies.
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Contributers to the Forum:

Louw Venter

Louw is probably best known as co-creator of the cult comedy series “The Most Amazing Show” which he wrote, directed and starred in with colaborator Rob Van Vuuren. He has also worked extensively in film and television as an actor and is almost wholly resposible for the hit one-man show “The Best Man’s Speech”. In adition to acting Louw has directed both commercials and theatre and has several film projects in development. He was awarded a New York Festival’s bronze and “The Most Amazing Show” garnered three South African Film and Television Awards and was nominated Best Comedy series at the South African Comedy Awards. Louw is a Partner of Red Light Studios and founder of “Jungle Theatre”. He was also listed in the Mail&Guardian; prestigious list of 100 notable Young South Africans 2006 & 2007. Louw loves movies and people and recognizes that they form two sides of the same beautiful coin.

Jozua Malherbe

Jozua is a ex-filmschooler who has worked in the Film and TV industry as producer and First Assistant Director. The point of Read/Write is creating a point of connectivity for filmmakers through relevant topics within the global industry. Here we can read about new technology, business, law, and films and then write about it again. Aggregating information and people to join in the conversation and celebrate a new era for the filmmaker, an era which has not yet been defined!

Craig Ferguson

Director of The Public Pool - Film & Commercial Productions
Partner of Red Light Studios - Film Studios & Red One Rental

Craig Ferguson directs TV commercials - for now. Soon he will be directing reality TV, then on to soap operas. In his twilight years he plans to wind down with a few wedding videos, maybe a 21st or two. He loves Stanley Kubrick, Francois Truffaut and Ricky Gervais in equal measures. But Gervais is the only one he would sleep with.

Jesse-Leigh Elford

Producer at The Public Pool - Film & Commercial Productions
Marketing at Red Light Studios - Film Studios & Red One Rental

Jesse is at home behind a camera. If not behind it, be sure he’s thinking about it. Hand him any, and in the doubtful occasion of not knowing something about it, he’ll dash off and come back beaming with new information. If it was photography that made him tick in past years, ‘twas the dream of directing films that put the watch on his wrist - and then he met Craig. Skills he picked up from producing various music, film, fashion and event productions led him to where he is now: there’s a new kid at The Pool. A fan of the game, he’s even bigger on the players. And he’s militant about the details.