It is clear that there is a lot of interest in the Red One camera in the local industry. Not only does the camera deliver on its promise of super high definition digital cinema but the ease of use and affordability of the camera should make it an irresistable option. Yet we’re finding that concerns over reliability and workflow are leaving many of our filmmakers anxious to give it a try. However, if top international producers and directors like Peter Jackson and Steven Soderbergh are embracing the technology, are we not perhaps missing the boat somewhat. A quick search on the net led us to High Definition Magazine where we found this encouraging interview with Soderbergh, director of the classics Oceans trilogy, Eren Brokovich, Traffic and the upcoming The Argentine & The Informant. Check it out.

Jim Jannard, founder and president of RED cameras revealed today more information about the use of RED cameras by Hollywood Director Steven Soderbergh: “In a very brave move, Steven Soderbergh has chosen to shoot ‘The Argentine’ and ‘Guerrilla’, starring Benecio del Toro, with RED prototype cameras. Soderbergh will shoot RED at full 4K resolution, REDCODE RAW and record to Compact Flash.”

This is the camera I’ve been waiting for my whole career: jaw-dropping imagery recorded onboard a camera light enough to hold with one hand. I don’t know how Jim and the RED team did it—and they won’t tell me—but I know this: RED is going to change everything.” Said Steven Soderbergh.

The prototypes are two generations newer than Boris and Natasha, the cameras Peter Jackson used to shoot “Crossing the Line” in New Zealand a couple of months ago.

The RED 18-55mm T3 (f2.8) CF lens and many RED accessories were also chosen by Soderbergh for these movies. Shooting begins in Spain July 24th.